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My old tv soundbar broke so I'm looking for a new soundbar system to replace it. I don't have an AV receiver, so I need a soundbar system with a built in amplifier. I have space in my living room for a separate subwoofer, but I'd consider a soundbar system with a built-in subwoofer as well. I have a 200 square foot living room and a black hdtv. Which soundbar system do you think would be the best in terms of value and sound quality that will match my tv?

Excellent quality sound in a well built sound bar system for a very cheap price. The soundbar system has one bar of speakers with 3 HDMI inputs that are 3D compatible and a separate wired subwoofer and remote control. It's one of the few soundbars in this price range to offer 3D and video switching between 6 devices. As for sound quality, this soundbar system delivers tight full bass which blends seamlessly with the bar speakers. The depth of the faux surround sound is awesome for a soundbar and has no problem filling a room. Loud action scenes as well as more subtle vocals all perform well. It's really the best soundbar system that combines features, value and great sound quality for such a small system.


If you're top priority is sound quality, the best soundbar system is definitely the Harman Kardon SB16. It's more expensive than other soundbars out there, but the sound quality and build quality is far superior than others I've compared--you will get your money's worth, I assure you. It's one of the few sound bar systems that can produce decent virtual surround sound thanks in part to the large powerful subwoofer. The sound is crisp and clear and the bass level is balanced and not overpowering. Both movies and music sound rich and warm and the overall performance of this soundbar system is top notch. The design is equally as impressive and the build quality, albeit plastic, is heavy and solidy constructed. You won't find a better sounding soundbar than this one!

I got this soundbar system because I wanted movie theater-quality surround sound without all the wires and extra speakers, and this JBL is incredible! I have a large 450-foot living room and a 50" hdtv and wow, the sound couldn't be better. You can really hear the details from movies surrounding you with bright detailed highs and deep powerful bass. Of all the soundbars I tried, this one has louder, more refined and detailed sound than the other soundbar systems. Really a superior quality product and perfect for transforming your tv into a full blown home theater in literally 5 minutes. It's also the coolest looking soundbar system with its high glossy black finish and unique angles. Check it out, you'll be glad you did.

This budget surround sound soundbar system by Yamaha is designed for people like me who want a slim 1-piece soundbar system with a built-in subwoofer. The built-in subwoofer does make the unit thicker than other soundbars, but it's hardly noticeable under my particular tv. The sound projects beautifully and is a vast improvement over my tv's onboard speakers. Since the subwoofer is so small, there isn't a ton of bass from this soundbar, but the sound is loud enough to fill all corners of a mid-sized living room with nice clear non-distorted sound, even at higher levels. If the bass is not loud enough, you can add an external subwoofer to the system. If you want the most minimalistic design in a soundbar without a separate subwoofer, this Yamaha is the best quality soundbar system for the price.

ZVOX makes great home theater products and this is one of the best soundbar systems you can buy that has the subwoofer combined into a single unit. Design-wise, it's not your typical bar-shaped soundbar, but more like a platform for your TV to stand on top of, very innovative. The soundbar system outputs great bass and room-filling realistic faux surround sound. It won't replace a true 5.1 surround sound system, but it does deliver loud, clear sound all in a single box, and sounds better than most soundbar systems I've tested. Great minimalistic option for a clutter-free home theater system, and one of the best designs I've seen.

This soundbar system is the best soundbar system made by Vizio, with a slim attractive design and excellent sound quality right out of the box. Just plug it in and pair the wireless subwoofer and you've got a home theater system ready to go. This soundbar is designed to accompany tvs 40" and up. There are plenty of hdmi inputs for your tv and the remote control is intuitive. Best of all, the price is also unbeatable. For anyone looking for a budget soundbar system with great sound quality and sleek design, get this Vizio sound bar!

I bought this Haier soundbar system because it was one of the thinnest soundbars on the market with decent sound and a cheap price. If you have a slim hdtv mounted on your wall, this soundbar is perfect because it's ultra-thin and will not protrude past your tv from the wall. Instead, it blends in elegantly below your tv (it's only 1-inch deep). The wireless subwoofer is also slimmer than the average sub and it comes with a remote control (also slim!). Sound-wise, it's designed to output 'virtual surround sound' and it's a marked improvement over your tv's built-in speakers. Be aware though that the soundbar doesn't support broadcasts in Dolby digital so your tv might not support it. If you want a nice uncluttered look and crisp, clear sound for a smaller room, you'll be pleased with this soundbar system.

If you want surround sound quality at a really cheap price, check out the VHT510 home theater system by Vizio. It consists of a soundbar, 2 rear speakers, and a wireless subwoofer for a complete 5.1 surround sound home theater system without the hefty price tag. Although the read speakers add more clutter to the traditional sound bar design, it's worth it since you'll get beautiful room-filling true surround sound quality not possible to achieve without them. So it fits nicely in between a 2-piece soundbar and a full 5 or 6-piece 5.1 surround sound home theater speaker system. No other soundbar system combines this level of sound quality with such great value. Some people have complained about the LED volume indicators breaking, but I've had no issues so far. It's the best soundbar system I've ever owned and couldn't be happier.

ZVOX 555 Soundbar System (Low-Profile Single-Cabinet Surround Sound System)

I chose this Zvox all-in-one soundbar system over the other speaker systems out there because I love the unique design that combines the subwoofer with the speakers but keeps the wide horizontal format. It works perfectly as a base for my hdtv and it looks and sounds incredible. I'm not technically savvy and liked how easy it was to set up the system--you just connect the soundbar to your TV with one wire. I love the way the bass sounds and how detailed the sound was even at a loud volume. I thinks it's the best soundbar system for creating a simple home theater and I really recommend trying this ZVOX soundbar system.

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