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I already have a set of satellite speakers and I'm shopping around for a powered subwoofer speaker to complete my surround sound home theater setup. I have a living room which is about 10x20 feet, so a subwoofer with at least 200 watts of power. I want a powerful subwoofer that can produce window-rattling bass without sounding overly boomy. I will use the speakers for watching tv, movies, playing games, and streaming music. I also have black speakers so the subwoofer needs to match the other speakers. I am not concerned about size, I just want the best powered subwoofer on the market today. Which subwoofers would you recommend?

Polk Audio's DSW PRO 500 subwoofer is the best sounding powered subwoofer for the money. This subwoofer pumps out deep thundering bass and you can turn it up insanely loud without rattling or distortion. The design is simple and all black and will match most speaker systems. It's easy to hook up and adjust and is not cheaply built. Few other powered subwoofers offer this level of quality and value. I highly recommend it!


This subwoofer is the best because it packs in tons of power into a compact package. The subwoofer packs plently of punch and outputs just the right amount of bass in all types of movies, music, and games, with deep and well defined sound. Even at higher levels, the subwoofer never distorts and stays crisp and clear. It's solidly built and integrates perfectly with the Definitive Technology soundbar or any other 5.1 surround sound speakers. I think this subwoofer is the best because it produces better fullness and clarity than other 12-inch powered subwoofers in this price range that I've owned.

Polk Audio makes the best value speakers and this subwoofer is no exception. At just $200, you can get clear room-filling bass from this compact 8-inch powered subwoofer. It's perfect for pairing with your existing surround sound speakers or soundbar in living rooms up to 200 sq feet. For such a small subwoofer, you'll be amazed at how powerful and explosive the bass is. At 150 watts, it's not powerful enough to cause an earthquake, but it's perfectly suitable for watching movies and listening to music at loud volumes in smaller rooms. It's also a really great subwoofer for the money. You won't be disappointed!

Fluance is a Canadian company that makes amazingly well-built speakers at rock bottom prices. Their DB-150 powered subwoofer is just one of the fine quality speakers that they offer, and at just $199 if you buy direct from Fluance, is an incredible value. The powered subwoofer is a full-sized 10" speaker with excellent deep, rocking bass. The subwoofer looks sleek and has an amazing build quality with a solid robust construction. If you have Fluance HTB speakers, it's the perfect complement. No other subwoofer in this price range can compare to the value and quality of this powered subwoofer. It's an excellent product with the best price.

This full-sized 12-inch powered subwoofer is both affordable and powerful. Powered by 300 watts of earth shaking bass, this subwoofer can really rumble your house with big sound. You can blast it and feel the vibration in your chest without it sounding boomy or fuzzy. This powered subwoofer has extremely impressive clarity for a 12-inch subwoofer, with crisp and tight sound and plenty of bass to fill up a medium to large room. At lower volumes, it also delivers great low bass performance for a 12" subwoofer. It's built with quality materials and although it's somewhat big and bulky, it's one of the best 12-inch powered subwoofers on the market today, especially for the money.

At just $99, this subwoofer is the best steal out there. You'll get tight bass that can accurately handle the finest rumbles and roars while being deep and powerful enough to fill a small or medium sized room. This 10 inch 50-watt powered subwoofer sounds equally great with both movies and music and has great definition and control of lows--it's doesn't get muddy like other subwoofers, just don't expect it to shake your house. If you want mid-level quality bass for dirt cheap, the PSW10 is the best powered subwoofer for those on a budget. Just look at the rating on Amazon if you don't believe me!

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