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What is the best modern-day muscle car? The car must be: -American made -Modern, available to buy new or used -Powerful, high performance (300HP+) -No custom mods -Cool-looking


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2013 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500

The Ford Mustang has been known for decades to be one of the best muscle cars around. The 2013 Shelby GT500 model has:

-An insane 650 horsepower and 631 lb-ft. of torque

-The engine is a 5.8L supercharged V8

-It's capable of speeds of upwards of 200 mph

-It lapped 7:41 on the Nürburgring track

-Ford claims it is the most powerful production V8 in the world

-The Shelby GT500 comes with advanced driver-adjustable electronic assist features including launch control, Bilstein adjustable damping, AdvanceTrac stability control and electric power-assisted steering

-One side bonus is that it's the most fuel efficient car in it's class


Photo by Aneekr



2012 ZL1 Camaro by Chevrolet

-The ZL1 Camaro has a 6.2L LSA supercharged V8

-This Camaro has 580 hp (430 kW) at 6000 rpm

-The ZL1 has 556 lb-ft of torque at 4200 rpm

-It's the fastest Camaro ever produced due to the LSA motor

-It was raced on the Nürburgring track in Germany at 7:41.27

-Can reach speeds over 200mph

-The Camaro also has a 2-stage exhaust, suede seats, steering wheel and shift knob, and LT1-exclusive 20" aluminium wheels

-The 2012 model comes standard with Magnetic Ride Control (helps the car corner faster) and Performance Traction Management (PTM), designed for both the race course and the drag strip




2012 Dodge Charger SRT8

The 2012 Dodge Charger SRT8 is an awesome muscle car. It's both powerful and affordable. Some specs about this car:

-6.4L SRT HEMI V8 with Fuel Saver Technology

-470 hp and 470 lb-ft of torque

-Goes 0-60mph in 4-seconds

-175 mph top speed+

-1/4 mile in the upper 12-second range+

-High-performance independent front and rear suspension with stabilizer bars

-Performance-tuned hydraulic steering



2012 Chevy Corvette ZR1

Part-muscle car, part-sports car, the Chevy Corvette C6 ZR1 is the fastest car ever produced by Chevrolet - with speeds up to 205 mph. It may be twice the price of the other 'muscle cars', but it certainly stacks up against the competition:

-It was tested at the Nurburgring by Jim Mero and recorded a time of 7:19.63 (way faster than all the other nominees)

-Horsepower: 638 HP @ 6500 rpm

-Engine: V8 6.162 L (376.0 cu in) w/ (Eaton) TVS Supercharger & Intercooler

-Torque: 604 lbs·ft @ 3800 rpm

-Weight: 3,405 lbs


Photo by IFCAR

2012 2012 Chevy Corvette ZR1on the Nurburgring

  • louis thompson commented May 17th 2012:

    Not a muscle car! It's way too expensive.


2012 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500

The 2012 Ford Shelby GT500 injects blood-pumping performance and retro styling into a package that is nevertheless easy to live with every day. Among muscle cars, it's the top dog. More benefits of this muscle car:

-It's available on the market now (unlike the 2013 model)

-Incredible power: 550 HP and 510 ft-lbs. of torque

-5.4L V8 engine

-Inspiring engine note

-Racing stripes on the exterior


Photo by Brian Snelson


2012 Dodge Challenger SRT8 392

The new Challenger SRT8 is the ultimate muscle car!!

-392-cubic inch 470-horsepower 6.4L HEMI® V8

-Reaches 0-60 mph 4-seconds

-High-performance Brembo four-piston four-wheel antilock brakes with vented front and rear discs

-SRT® exhaust system

-SRT-tuned suspension

-SRT Track Experience: One day driving experience designed for SRT owners and performance enthusiasts to maximize driving knowledge and skills

-Dual, full body racing stripes

-20-inch aluminum wheels


2012 Dodge Challenger RT Classic

-375-hp 5.7l v8


Photo by IFCAR


2010 Dodge Viper SRT10

-Engine: 8.4 liter V10

-Torque: 560 lb-ft

-HP: 600 hp

-0-62 mph: under 4 seconds

-Top Speed: 202 mph


Photo by Michael Price


2013 SRT Viper by Dodge

-New fifth generation of the Dodge Viper (not available yet)

-V-10 engine

-640 horsepower

-600 foot-pounds of torque

-HP:Weight ratio is 4.91

-New carbon fiber body (reduces weight by 100 lbs)

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